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Founder and Owner of Izmałkowa Consulting

Julia is a graduate of the University of Warsaw and a trained psychologist. Experience gained in the United States and South America has enriched her knowledge in the fields of psychology, ethnography, rhetoric, and cultural studies..

For eight year, she worked as a strategist for international advertising agencies (DDB, Euro RSCG ), gaining experience and learning from the best experts in communication.
She does not like to be distracted; she appreciates concentration and expertise. This is why on the 05.05.05 she founded the firm, which uses ethnographic research for the marketing and business purposes..

Julia is a lecturer for postgraduate studies, and she actively participates in numerous symposia and scientific and trade conferences. She writes for specialist magazines, and journalists often rely on her knowledge. She often appears as a guest on TV and radio programs.
She loves people, dancing, and the ocean. That is why South America is her “second home”, where she discovers new cultures and fulfils herself both professionally and personally.

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Research Project Coordinator

Magdalena has a degree in Sociology from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

She has experience as a researcher, with a specialization in evaluation. Magdalena has participated in many evaluation projects, being responsible for developing the research methodology; she authors analyses and reports.

Magdalena feels best in challenging working environment. In Izmałkowa Consutling she is responsible for overseeing and directing research projects, managing the research team, and being responsible for company clients.

Reading interesting books, watching a good movie, or trying out exotic cuisines is how she spends her free time. Her greatest passion is fashion and photography, what resulted in founding her own fashion blog.


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Head of Coordination

Agnieszka graduated from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Department of Social Science, with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication.

She joined Izmałkowa Consulting as an intern and then became the independent coordinator of research projects. She has had the opportunity to work with many clients from various fields. This job is a great opportunity for her to develop and acquire highly specialized knowledge from experts.

She loves reading crime novels, watching old American dramas and travel all over Poland. Her most recent passion is cycling, which takes up a lot of her free time.

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Proofreader and Copy Editor

Adam graduated from the University of Łódź with a degree in Management. He is now a PhD student in the Department of the History of Economic Thought and Economic History.

He made his first steps into his professional career eleven years ago, proofreading the famous NoName online magazine. Gradually his hobby has turned into a profession.

He has been working for Izmałkowa Consulting since 2008.

Although Adam’s professional career inevitably involves reading and writing an almost endless string of letters, his favorite pastime is still reading books. He is a great enthusiast of Stanislaw Lem’s work, and loves spending days in blissful idleness, though the latter is a rare luxury these days. .


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Graduate of Sociology and Electronic Information Processing at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Although these two fields of study could not be more different, she claims they complement each other perfectly because they allow her to understand better the people of the Internet Age.

Before joining Izmałkowa Consulting she worked for advertising agencies in Krakow and Warsaw, where she studied how people deal with new technologies. She is convinced about the tremendous importance of ethnographic studies and therefore she treats every project in Izmałkowa Consulting as a mother lode of information and new experiences, as well as a step towards another human being.

She delights in being in the sun and singing gospel songs, relaxes best when listening to instrumental jazz and loves Czech humour very much. She also loves Krakow and that is where you can find her most often on her days off.

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Graduate of the Journalism Institute and Applied Social Sciences Institute of the University of Warsaw. She has been working in Izmałkowa Consulting since early 2014.

A sociologist by choice, which is not really that common in this profession. What also made her become a sociologist is her passion (for getting to know herself and others), as well as her constant need of being among other people. She does not have any favourite disciplines or techniques. In the end, behind any of these techniques there is always a human being, also known as an informer, and this is what counts.

Partially outside of the scope of her research and partially within it, she is fascinated by the Internet, mostly because of its constant variability. She does a lot of reading and writing, but very little sleeping and complaining. Other than that, she dreams about a self-cleaning home.