Observation techniques, together with the ability to listen, ask questions and to analyze are the springboard for understanding people, phenomena, and different situations.

We teach employees various techniques which help them to become more aware of external events in the world around us and they can make good use of this knowledge in their daily work.

Trainings are always created for a specific project – in order to address the most important problems, barriers, or questions that people have at work.

„Open your eyes” –1 or 2 day training on the basic ethnographic techniques. You will learn how to use everyday observation, listening, reading, analysis of trends or the conversation, so that even the smaller particle of everyday life could inspire you to reach for great things at the work!

„Search and you will find!” – 1 or 2 day training on searching for insights. How to look for and see insights? How to analyze data directly and hidden as well, to get something fascinating from it? How to reject – and what to reject? Training can be general or customized, so that, for example the team could find specific insights on its own category or brand.

„YOUR TRAINING” – tell us what are your needs and we will be more than happy to prepare the proper training for you.